Daily Pilgrims

" The city, be it here or anywhere, makes faceless pilgrims of its inhabitants, weaving unconfessed destinies. We see them walking down the streets and avenues where life's turns are hidden. Rarely do we look at them this way, suspended on a half-guessed happening, surrounded by a fantastical weave of signs we think we understand, and haloed by a destiny of colour and indetermination. Sometimes liquified, such is Virgílio Ferreira’s raw material. " (Full text download the PDF)

Uncanny Places

" What is this fear that is taking hold of our feelings in the end of the millennium? What troubles and confounds our experience and reason? What is it that threatens, intimidates and terrifies us? (Mário Perníola, Enigmas: the Egyptian moment in society and art, 1995)

We are living a culture of enigma. And enigma, which has always nourished our relationship to the world and others, originates from a vague but intermittent consciousness of the collapse between the past and the future. This happens when the ancient past and the possible future are both collapsed into a present beyond perceivable measure; then, past and future are not only alike but also indiscriminate. This happens when men more so identify with things – with landscapes – and thus the inorganic world where electronic technology substitutes man in the perception of phenomena. And in our post-historical, crypto-criminal and neo-obscurantist world, (*), where blackmail is the principal weapon, the act of resistance can be the enigma itself, insofar as it allows the discovery of diverse meanings and multiple interrogations... "(Full text download the PDF)