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"Passages" is an empirical investigation about symptoms, vulnerability and impermanency, which are related to the uncertain times that we live in, where feelings and perceptions tends to lose solidity, that are developing into a more “liquid”, less concrete states. Represented by anonymous figures in their metropolitan surroundings, the process is developed not in the sense of a realistic ideal but a kind of ethereal representation, by breaking the boundary between an objective documentation and a subjective depiction. The transformation of the images are formed at the very moment of capture, as it deals both with recording information while also including the urge to erasing it, testifying the effect of perceptual dissolution, that it invokes a fusion between matter and its passage into immaterial, reminding us of the undetermined state of our being. What I aim to record are preconceptions of the undefined space of who we are and of how we are managing ourselves in this postmodern era of significant changes, that are creating a new type of citizen yet to be defined.