“Being and Becoming”

Becoming is a concept derived from philosophy which considers change in itself as process and a transition from one state to another. It refers to the transformation and changes in one's way of being. Change is inevitable and an essential part of the world.

This project focuses on the lives of several migrant workers in Europe, who left their countries looking for better living conditions. What I intent to depict is not only the human presence, but emotional aspects or inscriptions (on people’s faces or environments), while symptomatic enough and able to reveal something. These psychological portraits also attempt to open up a perceptual area for reflecting on “hybrid identity” and the “third space”, the polarity of living in-between cultures, languages and borders.

According to Homi Bhabha, the third space acts as an ambiguous area, that is a negotiations between social and geographic spaces. Emigrants are Beings in motion in this unstable “socio-and-geo-cultural” context, in an ambivalence - a duality – that can generate a split in the identity.

As Álvaro Domingues describes in the photo-book “Being and Becoming” - “This is the permanent game of the identitary becoming. As in a complex cyber gear, identity manifests itself in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, between realities and expectations, between the feeling of oneself and the relationship with others, between local universes and universal places”.

My aim was to explore photographically these complex intersections, by dealing with feelings and ideas of difference or strangeness, boundaries, memory, identity and mobility.


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