The “Daily Pilgrims” project was developed in major Asia metropolises, where territory and behaviour are changing fast.

My aim was to create a symbolic tension between the subject and the setting, and conjure up the feelings of solitude and alienation that are products of the modern city living, stimulated by a social demand for representation and invention of several possible selves.

“Today we experience the modern anguishes of the search for identity. This is the contemporary myth”, wrote once Jean Claude Kaufmann. These out-of-focus portraits seems to be in dialogue with this viewpoint, where anonymous human figures become a distorted body of forms and colours. It is this information deficit that makes the portrayed stand out, mystifying and demystifying the frames of identity and memory.

As Natasha Christia wrote: “Ferreira’s images operate literally as an obstacle fence for the eye. We are never able to figure out what is out there: between us and the subject there is no room for any identifiable “Other” or for any spatial contextualization in sociopolitical terms. It transmits the “aura” of a “palpable” human truth blurred by globalization and multiculturalism”.