This set of images is a selection from a larger series, taken in Brazil, Portugal, Spain, France and Italy, between 1999 and 2004. It aims to show, from my standpoint, the vast movement of an emerging global counterculture that asserts itself through the refusal of the consumer society's artificiality and the pursuit of different lifestyles which, in a more and more global imaginary, represent a return to Nature.

The discontent with and rejection of the dominant contemporary culture, the technological culture of the cities and large urban centres, has manifested itself since the middle of the twentieth century in the form of a counter-culture and an approximation to Nature that is still relatively untouched by man – the symbolic return to the spirit and to the values of the pre-industrial communities. Fixed and itinerant groups, collective or individualist, seek their legitimacy in ways of life that do not harm the environment and either reveal themselves to or hide from the unwary looks of the users of our globalised communication society.